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In keeping with the same theme from yesterday I was thinking about my favorite personality test earlier. Most of you probably know about it already. I’ve always found that the Meyers-Briggs was one of the most accurate around. Coming from me that means something because test like that always misinterpret vital attributes of who I am.

Kari by David Bickley Photography

Granted I tend to float between two results on the Meyers-Briggs, the combination of them is right around 90% true. Pretty cool. I definitely believe that most people are pieces of each personality type at times. At the core though I think we all have a fairly iron-clad way in which we operate that isn’t so easy to alter.

I know I’ve grown a ton in the several years it’s been since I took one of those tests. Some very fundamental things about me have changed. That being the case I opted to take it again thinking that it would surely be at least slightly different.


Still the same core.

Funny how that works.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy with the man I am (and of course there is room for improvement). I just think it’s interesting that despite all that change I’m still essentially the same person at heart.

See you tomorrow,