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Well, I started writing today’s post something like 5 hours ago. then I got caught up in conversations and distractions.

Angela Lyman by David Bickley Photography

Sorry about that. It’s been a strange day. I think it’s led me to the realization of a previously undefined pet peeve too. I really don’t like the unconfirmed possibility of plans. Three separate phone calls today that did literally nothing but toss around the potential of possibly doing something at some point in time. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that sometimes all the necessary pieces aren’t in place to make something a definite when it comes to work, and even casual things to an extent. Still, it gets me all pumped and then I have to sit around and wait for the glorious day of said plan’s realization.

It’s like telling a child he’s getting a puppy…and then making him wait 3 months without any rationale behind it.

If a friend calls and says “hey let’s go see a movie” I don’t assume they mean 2 weeks from now. I figure they mean that night.

I feel like I’ve been griping on this blog a bit more than normal. Really though…telling me all the great ideas we’re going to create to the point where I’ve actually drooled on myself with joy at the thought….and then putting it in a box labeled “do not open until the rapture” is just cruel.

That’s all I’ve got.

See you tomorrow,