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The thought of explaining the “why” behind today’s photo crossed my mind but I’ve sense changed my opinion.

Two Birds, No Stone - By David Bickley Photography

What I will say is that when I saw this it stopped me and I wasn’t sure how to process what it meant at first. I almost didn’t take the photo because I didn’t want to be late to my session downtown. It had to be done though. I know I’ve said it before but seeing a dead bird has never sat well in my mind. They seem untouchable to me, almost like they are above all of the petty things of the world. When they come crashing down it’s always a harsh reminder that nothing in life is permanent. A reminder that sometimes the things we hold dear come crashing down around us.

Does it end in a morbid “nothing is worth anything” feeling? Not at all. It’s a reason to look up and appreciate what you have while you have it.

See you tomorrow,