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I love the blatant and shameless use of models in movies.

Morgan Woolard by David Bickley Photography

It’s becoming less and less common as the years progress but I still love movies with horrible visual effects like “Independence Day” which happens to be on TV as I write this. Of course they were doing the best they could at the time considering technology and budgetary constraints. When movies come out today that still do things like blow up a scale model of a building, or have absolutely horrible compositing…I love it. Most fans get mad. Take the movie “Wolverine: Origins” for example. Fans raged about the scene where Wolverine is looking in the mirror and strikes his claws together making sparks. The claws weren’t even a decent attempt at CG, but they didn’t care. Sure it ruins the experience by making you remember that it’s not real. So what though?

I think it’s hilarious. Millions upon millions of dollars are spent on making a feature film and something is ignored that could be so easily corrected.

Anyway, time to go back to watching aliens destroy miniature human constructs.

See you tomorrow,