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So often when I write these it becomes the inevitable recap of my day.

Derek Sommer by David Bickley Photography

It’s actually my least favorite aspect of this “daily photo” lifestyle that I’ve created for myself. The funny thing is, it’s only because I feel like the only people really interested in that are my friends and family. Of course I could be wrong but I feel like many more people would benefit from an in-depth talk about the image, or the process behind it, the lighting, editing, etc…

Why don’t I do that more? Honestly I have no idea. It’s something I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately though. I know I’ve mentioned it on here several times, and with an increasing frequency. I’ll say this much…a change is coming to this site, and many things about what happens on it. In fact, I will announce part of that change on air Friday. There is a lot of work to do still, and certainly a lot of work left to start that relates to it.

I can’t promise that the daily photo babbling will alter at all. If I have a amazingly tasty burger one day, you’re going to know about it. Sorry. Change is on it’s way though. I can promise you that.

See you tomorrow,