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I’ve never been a big desert guy. In fact, unless it’s something like an apple pie (apples being key here) I’ll have a bit or two and be done. They’re just too rich for me.

Nothing to do with today’s photo by the way. Well…there’s a weird correlation, but whatever.

Daphne Bascom by David Bickley Photography

Anyway, as part of a small group that I am a part of, we got to make a cake for a little girl’s birthday that wouldn’t have had one otherwise. Well, we knocked it out of the park if I may say so. The little girl loves accessories, and we decided we should make a cake that looked like a purse. Not one of us had any idea how to do the whole fondant thing, but check this out.

Kelsey's first fondant cake

I have a new respect for all you cake makers out there.

See you tomorrow,