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What an awesome day guys. Of the things I love in life it’s fairly easy for me to say that teaching is top 3 on my list.

Loni Roush by David Bickley Photography

That’s exactly how I got to start the first part of my day. Myself and a few other people were asked to come into a local middle school to teach the kids about a very old board game called “Go” for a few hours. For those of you that don’t know what that is…Go is one of the oldest board games on Earth that is still played in it’s original form. What will probably surprise you is that today it is the second most played game worldwide. Chinese chess beats it out for first place. The best part is…it’s super simple to learn. At it’s core Go is basically a strategy game where your goal is to control more of the board than your opponent. Pretty straightforward.

When it comes to kids and their development I stand firm on the fact that I believe this game completely overhauls their ability to learn and reason. Much like learning a second language at a young age, this game essentially makes their developing minds exponentially more effective. There are even studies that show that this game can halt, and even reverse senility in the elderly and can help to prevent Alzheimer’s. The beauty of it is that you don’t have to be brilliant to play it. I’m certainly not.

Now really, most of us might think that spending any significant amount of time playing a game is a waste of time…and in any other case I would probably agree. Information like that changes things though. In all the years I’ve taught and played this game I’ve been able to watch more people than I can count completely change their lives through learning this simple game. Rambunctious kids change into patient, quiet kids. Teenagers that would otherwise have no self-confidence have become empowered. Even some of my own friends who were struggling to find motivation or purpose finally discovered a direction. In myself this game deserves a lot of credit for my ability to understand people, and even more credit for how I negotiate things.

Obviously I could go on and on about this, the game really is incredible to me. It’s an absolute honor to be asked to come in and do something like that for this school. I hope it spreads.

See you tomorrow,