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Cutting it close on the day’s post I know, but with good reason.

David Van Noy by David Bickley Photography

I’ve been running around like mad since 8am. The day had everything from an executive shoot in what might as well be a mansion to meetings all over the city to a bit of a speakeasy adventure wrapping it all up. My own house is a disaster as a result but at least I have all day tomorrow to fix that. How did this result in a devastated house you ask? By the fact that every time I came in the door I had to change clothes. Seems strange I know. I don’t usually go to a meeting in the same super comfortable stuff I shoot in. No, I don’t wear pajamas to my sessions, but jeans and a t-shirt isn’t always the best idea when you’re going after the big boys. A smart man might have considered taking a change of clothes with him…

I…did not.

That’s all for today. Operation “Clean Sweep” begins in the morning.

See you tomorrow,