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The casting I mentioned earlier in the week will be coming to a close tomorrow. If you haven’t applied yet and are interested please send your information in quickly.

Executive Portrait by David Bickley Photography

As I think about it more I find myself leaning towards making it a destination project. I haven’t decided for sure yet but it’s growing on me. Maybe that’s just my own personal itch to get out of town for a bit. The weather here at home has been pretty perfect though and winter is usually the reason I want to scoot to somewhere warmer for a bit. So, who knows…maybe it’s just a routine urge now. Regardless, wherever I decided to take this concept…I’m pumped. Also ready to get rid of the strange props I’ve made for this.

Anyway, I have to jet. Lots of events to get to tonight. I’m not sure how they all ended up on the same day.

See you tomorrow,