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I was holding off on today’s post because I wanted to be able to announce that Kelsey made it safely to Calgary.

Loni Roush by David Bickley Photography

However, the drive time was grossly underestimated and in the interest of not being late on the post…here we are!

It was a beautiful 75 degrees for the past 2-3 days here in KC. I was so happy that I even went to sleep with the windows open in my room last night! That was the problem. I was sound asleep dreaming about peaceful, beautiful things when all of the sudden a low rumble entered into my subconscious. That low rumble turned into the sound of rushing water careening through my mental paradise which, coupled with the tremendously bright flash of lightning, woke me up fast. Through the delirious fog of not meaning to be awake yet I managed to figure out that the dream was over and the sound of water was real. The setup of this room is such that the window sits directly behind my TV…a TV that was getting drenched. I manage to get my wits enough to jump out of bed to go close it before more damage was done except my face decided to detour into the wall as I got my foot caught in the sleeve of a shirt my other foot was standing on.

Yes, that’s right. Smash.

A groan, stagger and some internal embarrassment later I got the window closed, and went back to sleep. The last thought I had was “just a little rain, it’ll still be beautiful in the morning.” Except not…it dropped 40 degrees people. Yesterday I got to wear shorts…I drove home and hit a patch of ice tonight. This place has a serious bipolar disorder.

I’m done ranting now.

See you tomorrow,