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The song that came on while I started writing this is so perfect I can hardly even explain it.

David Van Noy by David Bickley Photography

The line that stood out was “I need a break, but I’d rather have a breakthrough.” How often do we wish that we had a reprieve from the things that we struggle with when we should be wishing for a revelation instead? For me that happens a lot more than I’d like to admit. In work, in life, in all of it. I often focus on how much I would like an issue to just take a day off from bothering me and my peace. But that never happens, and it wouldn’t make a difference even if it did. It would be so much more productive to have that light bulb happen so that we no longer struggle with whatever our issues might be.

Anyway, I just thought it was interesting that I heard that given how many times I’ve found myself in conversations about similar topics all day long.

Hope you’ve had an amazing day.

See you tomorrow,