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To all my fellow creators out there…here’s a question:

Jamie Eager by David Bickley Photography

Who inspires you? Who’s work do you take in to jump start your creativity when you’re feeling stuck…or just bored?

It’s ok if you have several. I know I do. For me I tend to stay away from the super conceptual visual artists as I like to do my best to stay original (though it’s fairly impossible) and will instead check up on photographers like Chris Weeks or Russell James. I love how no matter what the situation seems to be they are able to catch the core of their subject. That’s my inspiration, that’s what I look for. It gets me thinking on how I can dive into my subject even more than I do now. Especially in portraiture. After all, that is the point of the genre. Right?

Going back to conceptual work though…I listen to a lot of classical music and instrumental movie scores. Especially when I’m not familiar with the movie and can let the music tell a story with me filling in the visuals.

So, what about you?

See you tomorrow,