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Transparency and accessibility are two things I’ve always been committed to on this blog. I know that many aspiring photographers follow this, as well as many future clients.


Almost daily people approach talking with me as if I stand on a throne of cameras judging all who come near. That’s never been the case. I love looking at your work. I love hearing and hopefully answering your questions. Sometimes it may take me a while to reply to you, but I always will. The point of this place is to not only push myself to create something new on a consistent basis, but also to allow you to get to know me through the work and the (usually pointless) words.

All that said…today has been incredibly difficult for me. Two calls came in back to back today that have tested me more than I was prepared for despite how much I had been trying to brace. I’m not totally ready to delve into everything because I don’t have enough information yet. When I do, you know I will. What I can say is that God has seen me through every trial I’ve faced, and he’s got these as well.

For those of you who find it on your mind when you pray, I would appreciate it if you tossed my name up there.

And no…I’m not quitting photography 🙂

See you tomorrow,