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After a tremendous goof up that gave me something like 6-7 hours with nothing to do I actually spent most of the day writing.

Though not on here obviously, I put that off for a bit. It’s a little funny that I’ve had Isaiah 41:10 in front of me constantly today. At least 4 times that I can count. You should know that the out of the blue “getting away” was never about running from the things that I still haven’t told you about (I promise I will). It’s been an effort to have a sense of solitude while I look at what has been, is…and will be. Yes, I know I’m being vague, and I’m sure that’s wildly annoying. Next week will have more to tell me I’m sure, and therefore more to tell you. For now, I really need a nap so I’m going to either chug a coffee or try to find a good spot to pass out for an hour.

See you tomorrow,