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I wish we didn’t limit the good things in life to special days of the year.

Corporate Portraits by David Bickley Photography

ONE day for giving thanks, ONE day for being kind, ONE day for expressing love, ONE day for honoring each parent. Isn’t the point of life to be your best possible self as often as you can? Aren’t we all supposed to follow that “golden rule” daily? I’ve never been called naive, but maybe I am. I’m not saying any of us are bad people for missing that mark, or messing up/being selfish every once in a while. Those things happen to all of us. I’m no better.

My belief however, is that it’s better to live life with an open and honest heart than a mind of weights and measures…to make decisions based not on what is the better thing, but rather which will make you the better person.

I’m soapboxing here, I know. People putting on a mask for any holiday aside from Halloween is just aggravating. Being kind, thankful or romantic because the calendar tells us to means nothing. Imagine what life would be like if each of us were even half of the person we are on holidays.

See you tomorrow,