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Today’s image comes from a situation that arose at my workshop this morning. One of the students wanted their model to appear to be smoking but was struggling with lighting the smoke from the cigarette. See, when you light a scene from the front to show the models well, you lose the smoke against what ever background there is. It has to be done differently when you are only using one light (mean old me didn’t allow anyone to use more than one light at this event).

Nick Bolton acting like a smoker so Professional Photographer David Bickley could demonstrate how to light smoke in a portrait with one strobe.

So we had a miniature breakout session after the assignment was done where I demonstrated how to achieve the effect. On top of that I further illustrated how casual yet precise direction can impact the ease of a shoot for the model and photographer…something that I bring up often on here. Obviously that’s a technique that’s much easier to show than to describe.

The video crew came in today and the plan is to have the cut workshop video at least through the first edit by next week. I’m pretty excited to see what we got. The videographer I brought in has some truly amazing work in her portfolio so I’m confident that we’ll come out with a great promo.

See you tomorrow,