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Normally when a client bails on a shoot I’m pretty quick to get that slot filled up. Today I did something different though. Rather than fill that time, I opted to pick a direction and drive until I saw something that spoke to me…then I would just photograph that.

South may have been the wrong direction…

I don’t even know for sure where I was when I decided to turn around. Here’s what I learned though: It may not feel like winter, but everything in nature still acts like it is! That said, the moral of the story is that I drove for something like 2.5 hours only to end up back at my house where I took this photo right next to my mailbox.

Untitled by David Bickley Photography

Maybe we could get philosophical and say that sometimes when you go on a journey looking for something, you find that it was right where you started the whole time.

See you tomorrow,