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I’m in awe of how good swimming is for cardio. I know I’ve gone on about this before, but seriously.

Whitney Hahn by David Bickley Photography

Rather than my usual swim today, I opted to give running a shot. Let’s be clear here…I can’t stand running. It’s boring, it’s jarring, you don’t really go anywhere, and it’s boring. Even with that I opted for the treadmill today instead of the pool. You may or may not realize this, but swimming in an indoor pool and then walking to your car when it’s chilly out is not the party it sounds like. Surprise!

Anyway, point is, I’ve never been good at running distance. That’s the truth of why I’m not a fan. I suck at it.

So here’s where the awe of swimming comes back into the story.

I wasn’t out of breath once the whole time. That’s huge for me. Also a total surprise because freestyle sprints in the pool still nearly kills me so I pretty much assumed my cardio was still in the toilet. Obviously my legs are used to water and not so much ground for all of this, but that seems minor in comparison to the cardio wall I thought would be there. Can you tell at all that I’m pretty happy with this?

Well I am.

See you tomorrow,