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There’s no explanation for the love affair I’ve had with go-karts since…well, basically forever.

Bodyscapes by David Bickley Photography

I remember begging each parent to take me to this place called “Cool Crest” ALL the time because it was the only place near us that had them for long time. When I say “near” I’m talking kid perspective. 30 miles meant nothing to me because I had no idea what a mile meant. Suffice it to say, we didn’t go very often. Then there was Malibu Grand Prix that opened up waaaay closer, which I got to go to maybe twice. My point is, there’s no real reason I should have this constant urge to get in a tiny cart and fly around a tiny track. Yet I do, hardcore.

What’s my point?


That I got to go today! I think there were 14-15 of us in all which made for a stiff competition. The first race was great, I couldn’t be caught. That painted a giant target on my back though for the next one. After getting rammed a few times and nearly spinning out once I managed to land in fourth or fifth. One more lap and I think I could have at least hit third. What I don’t get is how the handling of my kart changed so much between races. The first race everything was tight and super responsive, but on the second (in the same kart) it felt splashy. Maybe one of you out there is randomly knowledgeable about this and can shed some light on it for me.

See you tomorrow,