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Sunday I mentioned that I ended up playing poker with a room full of people you would expect to be against a game like poker.

Pastor Dan Southerland by David Bickley Photography

I never really explained why that happened though. It was a party for Pastor Dan Southerland…the man pictured above. We know by know that I’m going to be straight with you (sometimes painfully so) and guys I gotta tell you something. There aren’t many men that I respect more than this guy. In fact I could count how many there are on one finger. Oddly enough, that one other guy (my uncle Mike) died 4 years ago, and today would have been his birthday. That just hit me in a bit of a weird way. I hadn’t thought about that connection until I just wrote it. It’s not very often in life that we meet someone that has the power to show us consistently (and by example) how to grow as a person. I feel fortunate to be able to add Dan to that very short list.

Men that know how to be men are rare.

See you tomorrow,