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Here’s to finally being home for the first time since 8am! Between the shoots (which were wonderful) and a doctor’s appointment (not as wonderful) I’m pretty beat.

Carol Mathis by  David Bickley Photography

Of course I really have nobody to blame but myself. After all, it was my decision to stay up watching “Dark Knight Rises” last night until something like 2am. In hindsight that may not have been the most well thought out idea. Isn’t that always how it goes though? You do something that in the moment seems like it’s gonna be so fun you can hardly pass it up…and then you suffer for it. Last night makes even less sense because I’ve already seen the movie 3 or 4 times…I could have slept but no, I didn’t want to miss out. Tonight it’s going down differently. Word internally is that I may be getting a little sick so it’s time to be smart and take care of my sinuses. It’s really hard to take photos if you’re constantly sneezing.

See you tomorrow,