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Another full day in the studio! I’ve missed spending all day behind a camera. Granted, more often than not I am shooting throughout the day so that’s the way it is anyway.

Elana by David Bickley Photography

I mean something different. I mean actually shooting all day long, not just in spurts. When you bounce from shoot to shoot it’s like you get to start over with each session. The creativity is born again because you have a new face and a new situation in front of you. That’s not always the case when you spend all day, or more than one day with the same people. Sometimes the ideas all blend into the same thing and you have to fight to differentiate them from each other. Towards the end it’s like every fiber in you is exhausted but you stay the course because you know the juice is worth the squeeze. You agonize with every ounce of your soul to have that one success that changes your life before it’s too late. You want to hide. You want to run out the door leaving the camera spinning on the floor, but you snap one more frame…then another…then another. Somehow the moment happens and you are the embodiment of bliss when you say to yourself “I did it. I won the fight.”

Dramatic? Yes.

True? Completely.

Ask any honest photographer and they will all tell you that they agonize over their sessions. Always doubting, always trying to perfect. Even if the rest of the world sees perfection, the artist won’t.

See you tomorrow,