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Sorry for the late post tonight, I got home and then immediately got invited out with no time in between to put the blog up.

Stephen Bodenhausen by David Bickley Photography

Some friends were making fun of me the other day for the posts I put up when I don’t have much to talk about.

“You just kindof ramble with no real point, or it’s like two sentences long.”

It’s completely true, but I’m not going to just make stuff up to sound like I’m way cooler than I am. Some days there just isn’t anything important enough to blabber on about. Not to mention the fact that I’ve been keeping this blog up daily for almost four years now. It’s like a relationship where so much has been said over the years that now you get to look at each other and nod with those knowing glances.

Well, it’s a little one sided to be honest. So sometimes it’s like I’m telling stories to a potato, but I appreciate you regardless!

Ladies and gentlemen…first rule of successful blogging: Probably don’t address your readers as tubers…unless you run something like

That gem is on the house.

I don’t see how more typing will take today’s post to more glorious heights than it’s already reached.

See you tomorrow,