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In about 45 minutes I’m turning my phone off. It’s really nothing personal and I’m sure it won’t stay off all day tomorrow. Here’s the thing though…


Tomorrow is my birthday and last year I made the mistake of leaving the iPad and phone on. They were both dead by noon because of all the facebook notifications. I suppose I could just turn off push notifications for the day huh? I suppose I’ll try that. It’s just that last year I woke up to a machine gun of alerts that came in so fast my phone actually froze. Don’t take this as a complaint by any means. It’s so incredibly flattering that you care enough to send me a message that it seriously puts me in awe all day long. I was just taken by surprise last year by how much of an impact it had on the abilities of the tech I’ve come to rely on throughout my day.

I’ll try the push notification thing instead of just turning everything off. We’ll see how that goes.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

See you tomorrow,