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What an awesome day guys. Seriously, thank you.

Elana by David Bickley Photography

I’m not going to sleep tonight until I’ve personally thanked each one of you for getting in touch with me today. I can’t believe how many of you I heard from! Emails, facebook, texts, and more phone calls than I knew how to handle…just incredible. I got to spend the day with old friends and new all over the city. The thing that got me this year is that it’s the first time I haven’t really planned anything big to get all of my friends in one place. I’ve alluded to it, but the past month has been pretty hard on me in many respects…and I guess I just didn’t bother. The only reason I even recognize my birthday is so I have a reason to see everyone I love at once anyway, so the day doesn’t mean much to me otherwise. Yet even without planning something fun, so many people made a point to find a way to get together regardless, and from crazy distances! I was blown away.

It’s funny how even the smallest efforts make the biggest differences.

I have to share this with you too for those of you who don’t follow on instagram (which I rarely use anyway). I was sitting in church, running on 3 hours of sleep, when I came up with what may be the dumbest idea I’ve ever had…but it was hilarious at the time.

The birthday bird.

I called it the Birthday Bird.

Yes, I know.

And yes the face is a requirement.

Readers, that’s how you know I love you…I share my tardness with you. Forgive me.

Thank you all again.

See you tomorrow,