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Let’s start today with a question. What would you say the theme is in your life right now?

Elana by David Bickley Photography

My personal belief is that we can separate our life into periods of these lessons or “themes.” Maybe yours right now is something like discipline, freedom, forgiveness, or the ever daunting patience. They seem to come in and out like seasons until we finally get it don’t they? I like this perspective because it helps to take the focus off of something like “ugh, everything sucks” and we can begin to reshape it into “what should I be learning here?”

So that’s my question for you today. You don’t have to answer on here (or facebook or whatever). Public participation isn’t required. That’s my question though.

What is the theme in your life right now?

If you’re brave enough there is a second part too…

What are you doing to learn from it?

Hope you’re having a great week.

See you tomorrow,