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I asked you all several posts back what you felt the theme of your life was right now, and what you were going to learn from it.

Barbell Macro by David Bickley Photography

The question was presented but I never answered it here. Doing so is only fair, right? Allow me to apologize in advance for any disjointed thoughts. The capacity to organize them seems to be gone for the moment. The theme for me lately has been “truth.” I mean that in several ways. Obviously we should all be honest with others…that’s a given, though few people are. Maybe I mean more in the sense of a conviction to stand by what you know is right no matter what. Holding to your own truths regardless of what struggles that may cost you. I mean standing by who you are even if nobody stands there with you.

Marching to my own drum isn’t something that’s ever been foreign to me. I was and am that person that people just say is “different.” Whatever that means…

But it is the theme I see going on in my life due to the people around me. I believe that the majority of people will attempt to hide the truth about themselves when they feel others wouldn’t approve. They alter themselves to be more acceptable by the world around them.


What’s so wrong with being you with oddities included? Absolutely nothing so long as you are actively becoming the person you want to be for yourself. Idiosyncrasies are what make people fun to get to know. I don’t mean the self-destructive ones, those sucks.

What’s so wrong with holding to your convictions? Personally I would rather give up my life than bend my truths for a lower purpose.

Sure, in the end you may be the only man on the mountain-top, but you are still there. Right? Right.

See you tomorrow,