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First snow of the year here in Kansas and EVERYONE has forgotten how to drive.

Rachel by David Bickley Photography

I kid you not I was behind a woman doing 25 on the highway today.



Anyway, word on the street is that here in about 44 minutes the world is supposed to end. I’m not really sure which time zone the Mayans were based in but I figure it’s plus or minus 4 hours. That seems reasonable to me. Do I buy into all of that? Negative, although I do think it’s really cool that we get to live through one of the last big prophecies of the world. You don’t get to say that very often.

However, on the off chance none of us are here tomorrow I just want you to know…

Oh, right…it doesn’t matter what I say because if the world ends none of you will be reading this!

See you tomorrow,