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Tattoos have been on my mind for a month or so now. I’ve always wanted one but I’m so fickle about art that I can’t seem to find something I’ll be ok with having forever.

Rachael by David Bickley Photography

Looking at how often my photographic style seems to shift (at least in my eyes) it seem like right after I got the tattoo I’d immediately wish it were different. Then there’s the fact that I never do anything on a small scale. I don’t think a sleeve would be that easy to change or remove. Word is they have glow in the dark ink now though, or UV reactive or something. That could work.

Imagine the shock of that one. The lights go out in the studio and all of the sudden the photographer is glowing. The looks would be priceless!

I’m going to research this. If it’s real, I may be completely in.

See you tomorrow,