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Oh after Christmas sales, how I love thee.

Elana by David Bickley Photography

Elana by David Bickley Photography

My original plan today was to go pick up a denim jacket I’ve wanted since I saw it in NYC back in May of this year. Why didn’t I get it then? I have no idea, probably a suitcase space issue. In looking around online last night I found that we actually have a store here that carries them so off I went. It was a good thing too because apparently they run really weird on the sizes. Anyway, mission accomplished there. I thought I was done until this 70% off sign jumped out at me from a local…um…leather store I guess is what you’d call it. Leather jackets and coats and such.

About a month ago I somehow lost my favorite leather jacket so it seemed like a good idea to go in and look around. Twenty minutes later I had a new jacket. How could I possibly pass up getting a $600 jacket for just around $150? There’s no way. It had to be mine, we were meant for each other.

Now I’m warm again.

See you tomorrow,