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Some days I have no idea how I end up on the websites that I do. It never really turns out “bad” and it didn’t today either.

Samara by David Bickley Photography

Samara by David Bickley Photography

Well, that depends on what you define as “bad.” This one might be bad for my health, but great for my eventual superherodom.

…It’s a word now.

I’m talking about wingsuits. They started coming around a lot something like 10 years ago and I’ve wanted one from first sight. Well…I want one when they make it so I can land safely, without a parachute.

Once that happens I’m moving to the highest point in the city and I will commute everywhere by leaping off the roof. Getting back home is irrelevant when you arrive at a meeting by human flight.

“Is David coming?”

WHOOOOOOOOOSH! (land in pose)

Someone is bound to be so impressed that they give me a lift back to my tower.

See you tomorrow,