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So I promised cool stuff to make up for yesterday’s suuuuuper late post. Yes? Yes.

Steven by David Bickley Photography

I realized that our definitions of “cool” may be slightly different though, but here we go anyway. This is the kind of stuff I love to look at:

Given that I almost went into the CG field that stuff is always fascinating to me.

Or, perhaps we should look at something relevant given that tomorrow is the start of a new year:

The last thing is a recorded lecture by British professor Alan Watts. Although I had never heard this before a few weeks ago, the question he poses is the very reason I risked and continue to risk everything to pursue what I love.

How often in our lives do we inadvertently ruin something great by dwelling on the fears and doubts that try to yank us off course? If you would give all of yourself to something you knew was right…isn’t it worth risking everything to find out if it is?

See you tomorrow,