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So far so good on the car thing though the temptation to upgrade my rental to the SS Camaro was really strong.

Scott Smith by David Bickley Photography

I managed to resist it…I don’t need a glove-box full of speeding tickets to go along with my broken car. Man I wanted it for at least a day though. That car is gorgeous.

The day would have probably been dramatically different if I had. Something like…

Rent Camaro.


Go to studio.

Photograph Camaro.




Speed more.

Get gas.

Yeah, I know that it’s not a super fast car by comparison with a lot of cars, but let’s remember people, I drive a Prius.

Something with a real engine would be nice for a change. As much as I love my little hybrid I can safely say that I have never been cutoff more in my life than I have since I bought that car. Every other Prius owner I know goes through the same thing. So I either need to drive a beastlier car for a few days…or have the dealership install a gun turret on my car while they are fixing it.

See you tomorrow,