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What an awesome day guys. Really.

BodySmith Personal Training

Sure, I may have shown up to a meeting a full 24 hours early. So what? The rest of it was substantially less awkward and a lot more amazing. First and foremost I got a TON of work done and am steadily working on ways to get more productive so that the bottlenecks in my workflow disappear. The site I was working on was launched today and that means I have time to refocus on my own. Sometime next week is when I’m guessing that will all wrap up. The big downside to never updating my portfolio is that when I do it’s a massive undertaking. More often than not I have a fairly good idea of what needs to switch out and what new stuff needs to go in. However, finding those images in my archives in order to size them properly for the site isn’t always so simple. I can remember exactly what the image looks like and even what was happening when I shot it…but I couldn’t tell you when I shot it in the year. Maybe I could get close (ie. was it hot or cold out?), but not close enough to matter. Regardless, I’m very excited to get the new stuff/site up and running.

Then I got word that not only will my car be ready next week, but also that it won’t even end up costing me my deductible. Pretty stellar.

Lastly, I was reminded that people can always surprise you (no matter what) when you least expect them to. I gotta tell you guys, lately that’s been really difficult to remember and I feel crazy blessed to have been reminded today.

See you tomorrow,