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Stressed. That’s the word for today. I’ve been going so hard after trying to get stuff in order both personally and professionally that I think I’ve neglected a very important aspect of a happy, healthy life.

Rachael by David Bickley Photography


Don’t get me wrong, the things that have kept me awake have all been necessary and completely worth it. It’s just that I can feel myself slipping in places that I would normally be steadfast…like patience. It’s not like the level of stupidity in the world has changed, so it has to be my capacity to handle it that shifted. Right? Yes.

Here’s a phenomenal upside though…I’m done sorting through the portfolio! A grand total of eighty-thousand images that I went through to make sure I had everything I wanted to include. Why so many? Well, because although I do have the best from all of my jobs sorted I keep my archives and go through them on occasion. The reason behind this is that sometimes an image I previously discarded looks completely different to me later on down the road. It’s not a common thing given that I’m very thorough when I make my selections, but it does happen. After a year or so I always go and permanently delete the rejects to free up storage. If an artist hasn’t improved enough in a year to hate the work they did that long ago I don’t think they are doing it right.

Maybe that’s ridiculous, but I think we as people (not just artists) should always strive to be better than we were yesterday. If you can’t look back on a year or two ago and see some kind of improvement then something is wrong.

Just my two cents.

See you tomorrow,