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Am I alone when I say that I’m not a huge fan of these mobile games that are all about clicking some stuff and then waiting hours for it to do whatever it does?

Natasha by David Bickley Photography

Don’t get me wrong, they make sense. You can spend 3 minutes wasting time with them and not have to fully commit to an actual game. This type of game completely succeeds in it’s intention. Your attention is captured for a few minutes and in that time you either get to see an ad, or have the opportunity to spend cash on in-game stuff…or both. It works. But here’s where I get confused: if you have 3-4 of these games on whatever device you’re using and you check them all around the same time you’re taking anywhere from 10-20 minutes total to click everything in each game. Right?

So really is it as innocent a time-waster as it seems?

Then add checking Facebook to the process and who knows how long we really spend doing what was meant to take moments.

As a “moment professional” I can vouch for how much we can miss by being glued to our tiny screens. I promise there is a life out there that’s pretty incredible if people would just look up a bit more.

For the record, I also considered “professional moment-er.”

See you tomorrow,