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You may or may not be aware of this aspect of me, although I think I’ve spoken on it several times. I am very close to my faith. It is the single most important thing in my life, though for some reason most people that meet me are surprised to hear that (I have no idea why).

Olive Wood Rosary from Bethlehem by David Bickley Photography

I also have a thing for rosaries although I am not catholic. For my birthday this year my amazing other half ordered me an olive wood rosary hand made in Bethlehem. I just got it a few days ago due to what we can only guess was a massive delay in customs. What’s interesting to me is that if it had gotten here on time I would very likely have not felt the way about it that I do now. This year has just started and it’s already been breath-takingly wonderful, and this gift reminds me of just how powerful ceaseless faith truly is. Not just that but she and I are also only together because of that faith. It is the sole reason either of us ever dated the other in the first place.

Last year sent me on several trips through the fire. I think it’s time to reap a little over the next 365.

See you tomorrow,