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I definitely put the Hasselblad through it’s paces today.

Ballroom Dancing advertising images by David Bickley Photography

Studio cameras like the Hassy are not meant to excel at images involving a lot of action in variable, or low light. In today’s case “variable light” simply means that the subjects are constantly weaving in and out of the optimally lit area. Not only that, but these cameras focus like snails by comparison with say the Canon 1D Mark IV which is specifically designed to handle situations far worse and still come out on top. So why didn’t I use a more suitable camera? Well, quite frankly because I knew it would work, but also because I wanted the size, dynamic range and quality of image that a medium format camera produces. It is certainly more difficult to use in sessions like today. I have to manually focus on the fly because autofocus can’t keep up…and I can’t burst several frames out in a second, I’m limited to one…but the results are well worth it.

Today’s image is just a teaser from this session. The real stuff will likely launch in February.

Of course you will see it when it does.

See you tomorrow,