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Spent a great deal of time getting my life back in order today. Writing things on my mirror in dry-erase marker, replacing broken or worn out stuff, planning for upcoming projects, cleaning around the castle, and on and on…

WBFF Pro Jen Jewell by David Bickley Photography

It’s funny to me…when I was a kid I hated things being clean or being in any sense of order. To an extent I still love and do well in chaos, but I’ve noticed a change over the years towards a more “civilized” way of being. Now, I can bet my life on the fact that within a day of posting this I will get a call from my mother saying “oh really…it’s about time.”

She might wait a day just to prove me wrong…but still.

I concede, I have become a relatively clean and organized man…despite my lifelong efforts to avoid that very thing.

See you tomorrow,