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Exciting stuff in the next few weeks. Things I can actually talk about too!

WBFF Pro Jen Jewell by David Bickley Photography

Friday I have a unique shoot we’re going to just call “fitness maternity.” I have to be blunt on this one…those two terms don’t seem to agree in my mind. That’s the problem and a big reason for the shoot. Stereotypically the two don’t mesh, and I would bet that most of us cock our heads to the side a little at the idea. So my client Abigail and I are going to explore and shed some light on how they can, and should co-exist. That session will end up published so I can’t say for sure how long it will be before I put an image up from it.

Some time next week I’ll be shooting for a new tattoo business, and then another WBFF posing camp. Then the week after is a two day shoot for Microsoft. Very exciting.

March is definitely speeding by, and sprinkling cool little blessings along the way.

See you tomorrow,