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The shop that has my car calls me today. I’m super excited thinking that I’ll finally have my car back and all will be right in the world again. No sir. The part I need is back ordered…until MAY! Thankfully I’ll be out of town for part of April, but still. May? I mean, I guess it’s not terrible. I still have a car to get around in so there’s that.

Sara Sutherland by David Bickley Photography

Aside from that it’s been a pretty cool day. I’m 90% caught up on everything I have to get done, plus I got to play a professional Go player in what’s referred to as a “teaching game.” Basically that means it’s a game where the stronger player doesn’t obliterate the weaker one, but rather tries to direct them towards better play. I’ve never had the opportunity to play someone that good before so it was a neat experience to say the least. Kind of like trying to punch a mountain into rubble. Big thanks to David Ormerod of for setting that up.

Anyway, it’s late and I need to wrap things up around here.

See you tomorrow,