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The bridal issue of KC Magazine is on the stands now, and I can post the image now!

Original image for the cover of the KC Magazine February issue, by David Bickley Photography

The above shot was the one selected for the cover. I’ll probably post my personal favorite sometime within the next few days. I still have to get crackin’ on that fabric shot I promised! That’s the plan for tomorrow after my morning session.

OH! The UPS guy definitely did show up, but I opted to resell what I got and upgrade with the profits. Not that the suspense is keeping you up at night or anything but I’ll go ahead and tell you what is on it’s way. One of my favorite games is an ancient board game called Go. I’ve wanted a nice board for a very long time, but they’re really expensive and buying a new one basically supports deforestation. I’m not down with that. So, I finally found an antique that fit what I was looking for. Anyway, it’ll be here before I leave for California next week and I’ll definitely post a photo on here, though it’s not likely to be the daily photo.

See you tomorrow,