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As it happens I have a little bit of time before we head off to the final shoots of the trip. I was a little worried about not being able to get something up until super late tonight. Not that there is really any sense of consistency in when I post the daily. in the first place, but still.

GoPro in action on the hood of our car. By David Bickley Photography

Basically every image I’ve posted since I’ve been here has been a “behind the scenes” image, this one is at least relevant.

(there is a 90 year old man playing “Angry Birds” on full volume in the lobby of the hotel as I write this….it’s awesome)

Anyway, the reason it’s relevant is that we had that little camera attached to the hood of the car taking footage of stuff! Why? That’s classified 😛

Off to get some food before going to the set!

See you tomorrow,