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When I wake up in the morning I will be back to eating like a person that wants to live a long healthy life.

Candace Goldsby by David Bickley Photography

For me that’s probably the hardest part of working and traveling like I do. It can be extremely difficult to eat right (as we all know) and those extra obstacles don’t make it any easier. As I sit here reflecting on all the burgers and pizzas in the past month I realize that I’ve forgotten to look to my clients for the inspiration to make it work. Tons of fit people step in front of my lens with schedules as hard as or harder than mine that still make it happen. What excuse of mine could possibly measure up?


You keep me accountable, which is why I’m saying this here. I’m going to eat like I want to despite the challenges…despite the magnetic draw to In-N-Out every time I’m around one, or the ease of ordering in.

See you tomorrow,