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I finally made the Mac plunge. I know, I know…I’ve been a PC advocate forever, but it was time.

Interior Photography by David Bickley Photography

Why did I switch? Mainly stability. I keep my computers in great shape but no matter what you do it seems like windows systems just have more issues. I’m not thrilled with not being able to work on the machine myself, but hopefully I won’t have to do much outside of new memory or an expanded hard drive.

That means that 80% of my day has been spent getting everything I need installed on this computer. I still have the old one and I doubt I’ll get rid of it any time soon, but the migration has to happen eventually.

But aren’t they releasing new Macs soon? Yep, and I have a plan for that. See when I bought this I made sure that the company would accept the return if an upgrade became available in the next few months. Got it all in writing too. Problem solved.

My desk looks like I’m ready to command something now with all 3 monitors arrayed in front of me, but I dig it.

See you tomorrow,