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It occurred to me last night that along with the site redesign I really need to change the naming conventions of these posts.

Natsha by David Bickley Photography

Originally I thought it was pretty clever to use decimals because I didn’t want to have to constantly write out “year” and “day.” The 4 in today’s title is the number of years it’s been going, and the decimal is the number of days in that year…but that is irrelevant now. So many people are confused by it that I can’t help but admit that it was a bad idea. Of course I’m just going to tell myself that it was simply “too clever” and that’s why it needs to change. We all know it was just a dumb idea, it’s all good. That does mean that I have to go through the database and change over a thousand entry titles…but whatever. In a year nobody will even remember that one magical day all of the titles made more sense than they did the day before.

That’s the plan people.

See you tomorrow,