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In school were you the person in group projects that ended up doing all the work, or one of the others?

Matt Karstetter by David Bickley Photography

I’m not entirely sure where that came from today, maybe it’s because “The Longest Yard” was just on TV but the concept of real teamwork has been on my mind. So my question today is: Is it ever ok to be the one on your team doing all the work?

Obviously we can exclude situations where you’re in a military unit and everyone else is injured. I think it’s safe to assume that in that situation you probably should pick up the slack however possible. I mean in day to day life though, be it at your job, with your family, in your relationship, even with your friends. Are the scales of those situations in balance? Are you genuinely doing your part?

Or, are you sitting in the back while the others pull the cart?

See you tomorrow,