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Originally my plan was to head into the studio and crank out some catalog images before Monday. That didn’t happen. The image below was shot on my desk at home just to give you a sneak of a piece that is nowhere near as cool as the rest.


It obviously will get those done tomorrow, but today was dedicated to researching a story I found about Google and Getty. You can find the results of all that research over on Fstoppers.

I was never a journalism buff, not even when I lived with a journalism major. Writing research pieces, or anything where I have to check facts isn’t really my cup of tea. This is a pretty big deal though. Lately several large companies have made attempts to steal the rights to use people’s images for their own purposes. All without paying the owner a dime. Now one of the biggest stock agencies in the world makes a deal with probably the largest web company ever that is a slap in the face to any professional photographer out there. On Fstoppers I wanted to keep the article unbiased, but on my site…no way. The photographers falling victim here are not just the ones getting paid a laughable $12 (a one-time fee that averages 100-1000 times higher than that normally) for unlimited commercial usage. No, the rest of us can potentially suffer as well. If the perceived value of images drops, so does our livelihood.

I’m not saying the demand for custom work will disappear. That would be a stupid statement. What I am saying is that the photographers that make their living on stock photography are coming up on a situation that flat out sucks. Image theft is already a major problem from people that plead ignorance. Companies like Getty should be champions for their image suppliers. They should be fighting to make sure those photographers are getting paid what they deserve. Seriously? Twelve dollars? You can’t even buy a pizza with that.

Go ahead and ask a movie studio if buying a DVD gives you the right to reproduce it for your own purposes…see how that goes. This is essentially no different.

I’ve ranted enough for today.

See you tomorrow,