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Today’s image is obviously from the same set as yesterday’s. The two are also very similar so I’d like to take a second and explain why.


More often than not what separates a successful image from an unsuccessful one is a simple shift in perspective. So much so that when I teach photography I rarely pay much attention to the technical side of things past the crucial f-stop/shutter speed stuff. Instead I like to encourage people to explore their subjects from every angle they can. Everyone knows what a dead bush looks like. How can you show that familiar subject in a unique way? How can you show it in a way that is a reflection of how you interpret the world around you? Famous painters are rarely famous due to a finely tuned technical method, but rather from the fact that they see the world in an interesting way that the rest of us aren’t used to.

I’m not a huge fan of Picasso’s work, but there is no denying that he saw things differently than the majority. Right? Right.

So anyway, that’s the reason. Today’s image and yesterday’s are the exact same branch…just from a different perspective. That makes all the difference.

See you tomorrow,