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Getting back into music was on my mind all day today. Way back “in the day” I really enjoyed learning the guitar, but I always wanted to learn the piano.

Seared Ahi tuna from Grahm and Dunn by David Bickley Photography

A few years back I had a flood in my apartment and my acoustic guitar was destroyed. Life was such then that I never got around to replacing it and have since gotten so rusty that I can hardly remember how to play at all. Here’s the point of all of this…a fiend of mine is great on the piano and has offered to teach me. I love that idea and I think it would be a lot of fun. Here’s the thing that has me hung up a bit though. I love the guitar too. So I’m stuck, I can’t decide which to pick up and commit to. Each has a basically equal list of pros and cons. Not to mention the fact that no matter which way I go I feel like I should really pour that time into creating better images.

Couldn’t I do both…grow in music and in photography? Of course, but would I…that’s the rub.

This is what I do when it comes to my personal life. While working, I’m laser focused…completely in the zone. In regular life I’m a “serial hobbyist” (thanks for the term Dad). It’s completely true too, I pick up something and get good at it then move on. There is no other explanation for why I know how to juggle, knit, fence, smoke a slab of ribs, etc…

Quite possibly a completely useless set of skills unless I come across a group of sweater-wearing Texan clown pirates that I need to infiltrate for some reason.

Obviously the question is really what kind of music this hypothetical band of hilarious hooligans would prefer.

And…I have no idea.

See you tomorrow,